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About Thomas C. Webb

Thomas C. Webb is an award-winning film and video creator who has dedicated his life to waking up at 3am, enduring -30-degree temperatures and climbing to spine-tingling heights to capture the perfect shot. Bringing the client’s vision to life and telling their story in a unique, engaging way is what drives Thomas to wake up well before the sun. For nearly a decade, Thomas has been traveling across the United States telling impactful stories with professional and creative video production services. 

Currently residing just outside of Asheville with his two kids and wife, Thomas is happy to call western North Carolina his home.

Why hire Thomas for your video production needs?



Stand Out

I create content that allows you to stand out amongst your competition.



I craft visual identities, enabling your audience to understand your brand and your message in just a few minutes.



The content I create brings your company to life and makes you more relatable.


Increase Sales

Videos and photos enhance user engagement, which ultimately equates to increased conversions.


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tc webb video production
tc webb video production
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tc webb video production
tc webb video production

Bringing your Brand to life through





I work with you to develop an engaging video and/or photo concept and strategy that targets your intended audience with a clear, purposeful message.



I work with you to capture the right footage that will transform your idea into visual realities. 



I craft compelling content from the captured footage that showcases the powerful message behind your brand and identity.


Professional & Experienced Voice

I work with the highest of standards to ensure that the content we create exceeds your expectations and goals. My professional experience will help guide your project on the path to success. 




What People Are Saying…

Thomas was beyond amazing to work with.  Thank you for your professionalism – your advice – your attention to detail.  It was a true pleasure working with him.

Jimbo Marshall

Hell Yeah Studios

The photo and video services Thomas has provided for our company are priceless. Thomas’s  uncanny ability to create stunning images coupled with kind professionalism is the perfect package. Thanks Thomas!!!
Chris Faulkner

Wheelhouse Builders

I worked with Thomas on a project from another state. The process was incredibly smooth with a  great outcome! I look forward to working with him again.

Allan Caprola

Caprola Squad

Crafting unique visual identities with



New Gear Day!

New Gear Day!

My motion controlled time-lapse slider arrived a few days ago, but I’ve been too busy to mess around with it. That all changed today. Ever since I saw Baraka and Samsara, I’ve always been a huge fan of Rob Fricke’s time-lapse photography. read more…

Staying Creatively Motivated

Staying Creatively Motivated

Being in a creative industry and staying creatively motivated is sometimes very hard. You have your ups and your downs and when you are in the downs, it’s very easy to lose motivation or sight of where you want to be. This is where I find personal projects very important. These projects allow read more…



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