New Gear Day!

My motion controlled time-lapse slider arrived a few days ago, but I’ve been too busy to mess around with it. That all changed today. Ever since I saw Baraka and Samsara, I’ve always been a huge fan of Rob Fricke’s time-lapse photography.At the time, Rob was pushing the cinematography bar and his influence led Tom Lowe to create TimeScapes and even his newest film AWAKEN. All of these films are masterpieces. My goal is to incorporate more motion controlled time-lapse photography into my videos to up the production value. Living in Asheville, North Carolina, I have access to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. This is going to make using this piece of gear even more enjoyable.

Always Test, Test, Test new gear!

With all new pieces of gear, you need to test each part and fully understand how it works before you fully rely on it during a shoot. The last thing you want is to not know how to fix or adjust equipment on set when something isn’t working correctly. This is the easiest way to hold up production and piss off the client, crew, and talent. Time is money in this business, so test your gear. I’ve seen people first hand not be able to fix their gear on sets due to lack of fully knowing their gear and I never want to that to happen to me. Get to know your equipment inside and out and look at each piece as a unique tool to up your video production game. I’ve got a long way to go understanding this motion controlled slider, but check out the video below to see my first initial test.